Wafek Workflow Management System

Wafek system is currently the only Arab software that fully  automates the workflow  management of enterprises in the cloud. It supports hierarchical and horizontal take of approvals and credits from any modern web browser, which accompanies employees wherever they are..

Wafek is a web application that is accompanied with auxiliary applications. It performs various tasks, the most important of which is taking approvals or credits for all types of transactions: such as invoices, bonds and checks. It automatically sends alerts and relays operations, and transfers them to the next stage.

The workflow management system is one of the most important software that you must have these days, so that some managers consider it more important than the accounting program in organizations that is built on the basis of multiple departments, sections or branches, in order to raise the performance of employees, and even managers, also to urge them to implement daily tasks immediately when they receive the alerts, and directing these alerts in a smart manner that suits the importance of the sequence of daily tasks.

System components

Credential Control Component
Sequences settings
Notification system
Transactions redirection system
Follow transactions adjustment processes
Electronic signature system
Work performance indicators
Direct assignment to perform a task
Archive all stages of transactions
Custom transactions workflow sequence

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