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Do you need to keep track of your business outside your workplace? From home, while traveling, even on holidays, and from anywhere in the world!

Do you want to monitor customers balances, accounts and products movement, record payments and receipts, send invoices to your customers, reconcile suppliers and bank accounts, and view reports? Do you want to do all of these remotely and from anywhere in the world, via your mobile phone or tablet?

You can have all of the above and more! By using Xtra Hand app!

Xtra Hand is an application that provides you with these great services in integration with Xtra Accounting and Management software, which connects directly to your Xtra database, through the Internet.

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Don’t ever forget to record an Expense!

With Xtra Hand app on your mobile phone, you can log payments as they occur and from anywhere! No need to postpone or wait until you get access to your computer, important payments can be recorded directly from your mobile phone!

Send invoices to your clients on the go!

Do not miss any opportunity to sell or profit, with Xtra Hand application you can prepare and send neat and beautiful invoices to your customers from anywhere, all you need is your mobile phone and an Internet connection!

Enormous classification possibilities!

With Xtra accounting system, and Xtra Hand app, you can classify invoices, payments and receipts according to at least three different classification methods. By default, Xtra applications allow for classification by “Cost Center”, “Branch”, and “Project” or any combination of them. This gives the reports that Xtra applications provide great details and accuracy in the information they produce.

Instant and simultaneous access to your business data from anywhere!

When you log any payment or invoice, or modify any item or account through Xtra Hand app, your Xtra central database will automatically be updated! That is, your employees and co-workers will see real-time changes and entries that you made via Xtra Hand, and you will also see all updates they make from their applications, so your business data is synchronized and up-to-date on all devices connected to your Xtra database!

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App's top features

Receipts recording
Payment recording
Matching accounts with suppliers
Customers' balances
Items movement
Accounts movement
View reports
Capture documents
Daily transactions

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