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Xtra ERP Cloud provides all the advantages and capabilities of Xtra ERP system, without the need to set up your own server, all you need is a modern web browser and access to the Internet. Step towards digital transformation and modernity with the Xtra platform. Create any custom software as per your request quickly and flexibly to solve all your business problems today and tomorrow. Accelerate your business, unleash your team’s creative potential, and strive for better results.

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It is the program that provides a work environment for all employees of any organization to record their daily and routine work through it, using only one database, thus forming that missing circle that improves the performance of companies and organizations..

Xtra ERP platform is built to serve anyone who wants to implement a successful ERP system with customized units that cover all requirements for the success of the system implementation, such as building new entry windows using the windows designer, designing printing forms, enforce access permissions even at field level, in addition to building new reports that extracts results from custom designed windows.

Without any limits, it supports multiplicity of

Invoices patterns
Bond patterns and restrictions
Check patterns
Currencies and their processing
Final Accounts
Cost centers and projects
Users and their patterns

Xtra ERP Cloud advanced features

Financial Statements
Fixed Assets System
HR System
Monitoring and Recording System
Manufacturing and Production System
Transfers with an accounting records
Process Generator
Windows Designer
Reports Designer
Messages and Notifications Management

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