Who we are?

About EasyBooks

EasyBooks is a global company that works in the field of information technology, consulting, commercial and industrial process services. EasyBooks was founded in 2005 by a professional team of programmers.

As much as you are smart, creative and interested in automating your business, great ideas have no value without implementation. Your access to those who will implement your request at an appropriate price, with high quality and in a shorter time than any other company is the guarantee for the future of your business.

Our goal:

Our permanent goal is the spirit of leadership, we aim to find appropriate solutions to facilitate and improve the work of our customers for best results.

We Offer

Latest technologies

We harness the power of computing, automation, bots, cloud computing and emerging technologies to help our customers adapt to the digital world and reach all their goals.

Our team

We have dedicated an entire team to help problem solvers, and those who are looking for affordable technology solutions or those who imagine, design and innovate in analyzing their systems.

Help and Support

Our projects and applications are always based on supporting, assisting small and medium technical solutions companies, that provide technical, accounting and administrative solutions to clients.

Meet the customer's needs

We worked closely with clients, often sitting with them until the morning to find out their needs. Since then, the company has steadily grown, expanded its market, and transformed from a small start-up company into one of the largest technology solutions provider in the Arab world.

What do we do exactly?

We built ready-to-use software such as archiving and automation programs, as well as accounting programs, warehouses, salaries, wages, fixed assets, restaurant management programs, contracting and real estate, in addition to many mobile applications that mange and control the workflow of factories, companies and institutions of various sizes: small, medium and large.

The most important thing we can do

Design and build any archiving, automation or accounting program for your organization within a record time and at a very reasonable and appropriate price.

How can that be done?

With Xtra platform you can build any program you need by yourself, and you can almost say that you do not need any programming experience to complete the construction of your program design on your own.

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