Wokod Application

With the help of the Xtra Cloud platform, Wokod application can support an unlimited number of branches and even several countries. It also supports customizing the supply chain sequence and billing stages, in order to provide a flexible and unlimited work environment.

Wokod is smart application that supports multiple branches and languages, and directly connected to Xtra platform. It can be used to manage and control gas stations, by registering and reading meters, and concluding sales and evaporation. It works online without the need for computer devices..

The activity of gas stations differs from other activities, It needs a comprehensive study of the workflow of fuel supply chain, with close attention to the nature of accounts, the movement of items in and out warehouses, and the financial and administrative structure. Which is what our specialized team does in this field in order to help you to build a modern digital system that enables your organization to control the performance of all branches and various activities, through only one integrated system.

Integrated System

Registering fuel purchases
Implement fuel transfers
Adjust pumps meters
Registering sales and evaporation
Generate accounting entries automatically
multi-shift system
Integration with the gas station rest cafe
Vehicle wash
Spare parts sales center
Maintenance center and oil change

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