Smart VAN Application

The most important feature of SmartVan application is its integration with Xtra platform, just like other components of the platform like assets, salaries, warehouses and branches, in order to give the application investor an integrated work environment.

A smart Android application for sales representatives and distributors, that can be used to record sales invoices, distribution operations, orders, returns and all types of debt collections, in order to provide an integrated system that facilitates management of any multi-branch distribution company.

It gives managers the ability to follow up the performance of sales representatives and distributors and give approvals or rejections on invoices, requests and discounts requested by the sales team, and tracks their sales progress through instant notifications and detailed reports. It also supports the policy of planning customer visit tasks and the assessment of these tasks in flexible and systematic manner that supports all the reports, warnings, notifications and permissions you need.

The most important tasks of this application

Registering a new customer
Conducting the mission and tasks of customer visit
Sales order entry
Make a sales invoice
Sales return invoice
Sales order delivery
Registering marketing activity
Receive cash or check
Pay daily expenses
Perform all sales representative reports

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