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We harness the power of computing, automation, robotics, cloud computing and emerging technologies to help our customers adapt to the digital world and reach all their goals.

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Some of our products

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Xtra ERP Cloud

Xtra ERP Cloud provides all the advantages and capabilities of Xtra ERP system, without the need to set up your own server, all you need is a modern web browser and access to the Internet!

Xtra ERP System

Xtra ERP system provides a work environment for all employees of any organization to record their daily routine work, using only one database.


A point of sale that works using any modern internet browser, online and/or offline. It can be implemented through an internal or a cloud server.

Smart VAN App

A smart Android application for sales representatives and distributors. Allows them to record sales invoices, distribution operations, orders and returns.

Xtra Hand logo

Xtra Hand App

This App allows you to keep track of your business outside your workplace, From home, while traveling, even on holidays, and from anywhere in the world!

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Xtra HR App

HR management application, integrated and compatible with Xtra ERP system

Xtra Dokan

E-commerce website to sell products or services online, which connects to products’ directory in Xtra system.

Wokod App

A smart multilingual application that supports multiple branches and connects directly to Xtra platform, whose task is to manage and control gas stations.

Xtra Waiter App

Xtra Waiter is an Android application that allows the waiter to register the customer’s order via mobile or tablet, so that the order is sent directly to the kitchen.

Wafek System

Wafek is a Workflow Management System, integrated and compatible with Xtra platform.

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