Xtra HR App

HR management application, integrated and compatible with Xtra ERP system

It allows monitoring of employees’ working hours by taking advantage of the geographical location of the mobile phone and by verifying the identifier of the connected Wi-Fi devices. It also reduces the burden on the human resources department in the organization, by keep tracking of employees’ status of advances on salaries, vacations, work hours and reports.

Xtra HR application provides a healthier alternative that reduces the risk of touch borne diseases, through traditional fingerprint scanning devices. It also provides the ability to monitor employees’ attendance in multi-geographical environments, such as contracting projects

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It also allows employees to submit leave requests of various types, and submit requests for advances on their salaries, and follow up previous requests. They can also review reports regarding the details of their working days and hours, salary details, etc..

Xtra HR application is directly connected to your company’s database of Xtra ERP system, meaning that any data that is updated or entered through it, will be available to all users of Xtra system in your company.

App top features

Attendance check through fingerprint feature
Check the employee's location
Verify connectivity to the company network
Receive notifications about the status of requests
Request an advance on salary
Request a vacation
Employee salary report
Employee procedures
Employee attendance report
Employee information

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