HemenPOS Point of Sales System

The most important feature of HemenPOS point of sales system, is the speed of working online. It contains all the features that you need now or that you may need in the future. We invite you to try HemenPOS, and we are confident that you will only need a few minutes to choose it!

HemenPOS works online and/or offline using any modern web browser, It can be implemented through an internal or a cloud server. It is designed to connect directly to Xtra platform’s database to provide an internal and/or cloud working environment at a very high speed.

hemenPOS is the best point of sale system for multi-branch organizations or businesses

We launched it in 2013 to be the first cloud point of sale in the Arab region. Until today, we are making monthly improvements that are requested by hemenPOS users, Who have reached 4,500 users so far, from different professions, countries and requirements. Its super fast speed and the reliability of its operation on huge volume of data cannot be matched by any other method of communication.

Custom Editions for

Pharmacies and linking with insurance
Medicines distribution warehouses
Food and groceries
Cafes and Rest houses
Restaurants and Cafes
Banquet and party restaurants
Clothing and textile stores
Spare parts stores
Retail stores
Perfume and makeup stores

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