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Online stores have changed the social habits for many communities, and their impact increases more and more every day. Reaching the final customer today has become necessity for the continuation of companies and their survival in the market.. Without your online store, competitors will expel you from the market soon.

Xtra Dokan is an online store or website for selling products online, and connects directly to products’ directory in Xtra system. It is integrated with Xtra platform in all aspects, including permissions, sales offers and customers.

Seize the opportunity now and transform your company into an effective global digital company. The integration of Xtra Dokan with the Xtra platform makes automating the tasks of sales operations in the online store very essential and effective, for its immediate impact on the pricing of your products, and by reducing your operational cost because you do not need to hire many people to perform routine tasks that modern stores can serve automatically in a way that reduces the percentage of errors.

Task Automation

Let Xtra Dokan do all the daily routine tasks automatically, all you have to do is to prepare your customers’ orders, then ship them, and follow up the rest of your business affairs through Xtra platform by generating useful reports.

Examples of tasks

Convert customer orders into sales invoices
Export and archive orders
Generate all accounting records
Balances transfer
Send alerts

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